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La Inmortal

Children's category: La Inmortal, by Ricard Ruiz Garzón

Judith is twelve years old and has a gift for drawing. She lives with her mother and her grandfather in Geneva. His father, a famous painter, left to Hungary when she was very young. One day, while she was preparing herself to participate in a drawing contest at a park, she discovered that chess could be a lot more than what she had always believed.

Different people like a boy with his bearded father, an adolescent full of piercings or an Iranian old man who doesn’t even speak a word of her language, meet everyday there, in the park, to play chess. Judith will find in the game not only a distraction but also an inspiration.

The girl learned, under the enigmatic guidance of the Iranian master, that chess games, in truth, are like life: every movement matters and all the pieces, even the smallest one, are important.

When Mr. Aliyat is arrested for being a suspect of fundamentalist terrorism, Judith’s chess game will have to change its rules. Luckily, Judith never gives up.

La Inmortal is a story of tolerance, will, and motivation that hides a secret too: who is actually telling us the story? Who is the mysterious character who is narrating it?

Set in a nowadays cruel and realistic situation, where illegal immigration and the fight against terrorism are mixed in unfair entanglements and misunderstandings. Stories like this one show that understanding is possible if players respect the game’s rules.


“–Judith Polgár –read her grandfather–is a Hungarian chess grandmaster, maybe the strongest female chess player of all time. She achieved the title of Great International master. She is Olympic champion and the only woman who has achieved being among the 10 best players in the world. Her playing style is aggressive and creative; she never gives up on a game. Thanks to that, she has managed to reverse many complicated situations.
Judith moved the cursor with the mouse and looked for more pictures. In many of them, Polgár appeared smiling, behind the board, with her trophies. There were a series in which she appeared behind the Russian champion Kasparov, she was the first women to defeat him, and many others in which she appeared with her sisters, Susan and Sophie, famous chess players too.
–Therefore, there is a world chess champion woman?
The grandfather pointed at his granddaughter with the little finger, copying Mr. Aliayt in the park.
And her name is Judith, like you!”

Ricard Ruiz Garzón

Biographical Profile

(Barcelona, 1973) is a writer, columnist and teacher of the Writing school of Ateneu Barcelonès and of the Publishing Máster of Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona...